Scribo Way
Introduction to Scribo - Duration 3 hours

Scribo helps teachers get their job done by giving them back more time.

Growing strong writing skills is hard work. Everyone agrees that students must practise writing more. More practice means more feedback and more feedback needs more time. Who has more time?
AI to help humans build stronger English writing skills


Each student has a level of writing skills, each teacher has a level of writing instruction skills. These skills join as teachers and students work together in natural feedback loops. The problem with these feedback loops is they consume teacher time and they all change with the diversity of student specific needs.
The job English and Humanities teachers do is multi-faceted. They need to manage effective strategies that extend advanced writers, scaffold instruction for low performance writers and often build ESL base skills.
Teachers do all this while maintaining a standards and curriculum aligned track for everyone including content delivery.
How do teachers cope without some respite from the continuous hours of discovery and feedback in the interaction loops they build with students? Humanities teachers already work 10-15 hours overtime a week.


Ultimately Scribo helps English and humanities teachers save time getting their job done. There are many benefits Scribo can deliver, all of them designed to help teachers do their job in less time, with better information.
Scribo is an assistant to English and humanities teachers that SAVES TIME and delivers teachers the critical DATA teachers need to do their job. Scribo greatly streamlines student interactions and feedback loops around workflow and teaching priorities.
Scribo also helps students to SAVE TIME and IMPROVE WRITING by connecting them with personalised feedback as they work.