Scribo Way
2. Instruct Writing
One of the key jobs English and humanities teachers do is to instruct writing. This is where the busy part of teaching is, keeping differing levels of students on track.
Scribo plays a big support role in reinforcing core elements for students individually

Writing Instruction – a continuous task Scribo helps you do

There are many elements and jobs to be supported when it comes to writing instruction.
Scribo has core features that help support this important work. The key to writing instruction is having the same feedback flowing all the time. Consistency of feedback and relentless reminders to students does make a difference ... it also takes the most time.

The pedagogical objectives behind Instruct Writing

Instruct Writing
  • Support development of ideas coherently and cohesively into sentences and paragraphs.
  • Organise ideas across styles and genres of writing.
  • Model explicit teaching of writing skills.
  • Recognise and build on existing skills and knowledge of the group.
  • Lower Primary – interactive writing support and common edits.
  • Senior College – encourage students to take responsibility for writing improvement.
  • Help teachers monitor core writing disciplines like vocabulary and spelling development across the class