Get Scribo underway in your School

How to Get Scribo Going in Your School

1.Register your school with Literatu and request Scribo access

To use Scribo, schools must register with Literatu. Scribo is NOT a free service, however it can be trialled FREE for 21 days for up to 50 students in a school. Follow this link and register at the bottom of the page. We will make contact and get your trial community underway. We encourage the use of a single school for multiple teacher accounts.

2. Get teachers and students registered

Teachers and Students register using community / class access keys or via our Literatu school onboarding process. Scribo integrates directly with Edval, O365, Google, Google Classroom and One School to establish teacher, student access, classes and accounts. If you have any of these, please let us know. For the purposes of a trial, we issue a Teacher registration code. Teachers create classes and give students Class key codes to self register.

3. Students register via Single Sign On (SSO)

If you are a Microsoft or Google school, students can SSO (Single Sign On) in Scribo using their O365 or Google account.

With a school community, a teacher account and some student accounts registered to a class, you are ready to start exploring Scribo and how you can use the platform to help students to write better.