10 ways to use Scribo in your school

There are loads of use cases that teachers use Scribo for. There are a simple 10 ways.

The Many Ways Teachers Leverage Scribo

Excel is a great metaphor to describe what's possible with Scribo. Just as you use Excel to quickly enter, load and add numbers, you can also use the Excel platform to model and calculate the capital position of a bank. Excel gets the work done with you at any level of your proficiency in less time and with more accuracy than a blue pen and a calculator.

Scribo also takes a platform approach to helping you improve writing. As with Excel, Scribo teachers can explore the base features and grow their experience across deeper levels of analysis as they need deeper levels of information. Every step you take with Scribo leverages new insights, new student interactions and more tailored use cases for your class and students.

Scribo is not designed to be a wall of software to climb from the outset. Scribo lets you step into options and functionality at your pace. Here are 10 ways to use Scribo in your class.

10 Ways to Use Scribo in Your School

  1. Load student texts for instant analysis

  2. Student access to writing checks for web and for Google Docs

  3. Integrate class writing Activities with student writing checks

  4. Instant cohort reporting

  5. Cold writing with cohort analysis

  6. Create Activities with live monitoring and Teacher Cohort report

  7. Seamless integration with Google Classroom

  8. Awesome feedback features – Rubric Marking, your way

  9. Interactive writing and accessibility features

  10. Plan improvement from integrated data insights