Welcome to Scribo

Welcome to Scribo 2.0, the world's leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that is helping teachers help students to write better.

Scribo implements clever combinations of AI and Machine Learning (ML) to save teachers the vast amounts of time they currently spend reviewing and grading student texts.

Our purpose is simple

We want teachers to have more time with each student, helping to improve writing skills by spending less review hours discovering where they need targeted help.

To improve writing, students need to be encouraged to write more. It's easy to figure out that encouraging students to write more means more teacher review and feedback time. More time doesn’t magically appear without adding or changing a step in the current review, drafting and grading process.

Scribo is every teacher’s feedback and grading assistant, giving them insights into where students need support and targeted instruction before they even read a word. Scribo is suitable across every year level, subject and writing context.

Plan for Stronger Connections and Fewer Corrections

Grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) checkers have been with us for years. Even as they get smarter every year, they still miss opportunities to improve writing. Based on our research, GPS assistants have not and do not advance writing skills. They do correct, most times automatically as words hit the screen, over and over again.

When GPS assistants are removed, spelling, punctuation and grammar errors return to historic highs. Surely this is a contributing reason for poor results from diagnostic writing tests where GPS’s are turned off.

Text correction capabilities will never be the ‘thing’ that improves student writing skills. Correction tools don't help students transform word choices and cohesion into more varied sentence usage and paragraphs that build topic momentum, just as an example. These are foundation writing skills that need identification, instruction and practice.

Teachers agree that to improve writing, students need to practice more. More practice means more feedback and with that comes more time needed for targeted instruction. For teachers, the determiner ‘more’ relates solely to multiple units of extra time they need to find to keep up. When you multiply the number of English and humanities teachers by ‘more’, you get what is called ‘much more’. Most teachers tell us that 20 hours a week overtime is normal. Across faculties, that adds up to thousands of hours a year just to keep up.

If ‘more’ is continually invested into writing corrections, teachers will never have enough time. Teachers need better connections to where student writing skills need more help, before they even read a word.

Time for New Connections

It’s time for new connections to be made between students, writing improvement and teachers. Technology support for writing can open live connections into writing feedback and review for teachers and students. Imagine students being advised of keyword repetition, overuse of simple cohesion, run on sentences and more, as they are writing and before they hand work in. Imagine teachers having visibility of this with an ability to quickly target live feedback before students hand work in.

With personalised and consistent feedback delivered into a live writing workspace, students take more ownership of their writing. Without ownership, many students remain happy handing in work that then becomes their teacher’s problem to fix. The next tragedy is when students proceed to miss or lose the feedback that gets painstakingly crafted by teachers (still often in red pen). Once that feedback is handed back to students, it’s gone. Time for something different?

Welcome to Scribo 2.0

Scribo supports writing improvement by opening a functional connection between student writing, teacher review and the all important improvement / feedback loop. By giving students instant feedback on their writing, Scribo saves teachers hundreds of review and feedback hours. Teachers often say that the time students most need writing support is in the late hours, the night before work is due. Whenever students are writing, Scribo is beside them as their personal writing assistant and coach doing more than correcting spelling.

English and humanities teachers face challenging workloads from classes with several learning levels of student writing skills. To help each student, teachers ideally need to personalise student feedback and target teaching across the levels in the class. Scribo helps teachers identify where help is needed by reviewing every word from every student, building live insights into where help is needed. Scribo even prepares the context and examples for the review and feedback lesson.

Scribo quickly builds a stronger connection between teachers and students. Between them is the feedback loop that is the key driver of student improvement. To continually review and give effective feedback across dozens of student texts, teachers need more time and support.

Our purpose is to replace hours of teacher invested review time with a tireless automated assistant. Scribo easily and quickly copes with large text volumes, reads every word, finds traits and examples and reports insights back to teachers consistently as a complete body of analysis.

Scribo 2.0 is a fluent writing platform connecting teachers and students to improve core writing skills. The teacher and student connection is leveraged in several ways to suit the technology comfort level of teachers, the ability level of the students and the target the teachers are trying to reach.

Scribo is not designed to change or inflict a pedagogical approach on teachers. Many teachers use Scribo in many ways to support the pedagogical and activity planning they have in place. Many teachers rely on Scribo to create teachable moments they can cherry-pick and talk about in the context of their lesson plan. Teachers also let Scribo create lesson plans via the live panel view of the class. Scribo and in-class panel displays combine beautifully in a classroom environment. Scribo creates many views into writing that teachers have never seen before. Who can remember a pattern of fractured sentences across 40,000 words? Scribo can.

As one very experienced English teacher told us, “ You can teach many things in a day but not writing. Good writing takes time, continual practice and feedback, across many years of consistent teaching from all teachers.” Writing is the biggest challenge facing most K–12 education systems around the world. Scribo is here to help.