Scribo Way
3. Review and Improve skills through Feedback
Connections between teachers and students form the most important feedback loop in the writing improvement process. Keeping feedback close to writing delivers the biggest impact to students.

Review and Improve is where Scribo helps the most

Reviewing texts, giving feedback, tracking students at risk, coaching, mentoring and generally teaching across multiple students and classes is a huge job.
When it comes to helping teachers manage workloads, save time and improve student connections, Scribo does everything in one-click journeys through Live Monitoring.

Review and Improve integrates a range of communication features, functions and feedback loops to support pedagogy

Review and Improve
  • Integrate audio resources to enhance the clarity of meaning expressed
  • Support deep revisioning, not just spelling and grammar
  • Reflect on the choices students made of ideas, facts and details
  • Opportunities to review and display their work
  • Shape learning via collaboration and discussion
  • Revise and review writing and representation
  • Review drafts independently; teachers give feedback for greater clarity
  • Conference with students individually or in groups around idea generation, development and revision processes of writing
  • Support learners with continuous feedback and revision processes of writing
  • Senior College – encourage students to take responsibility for writing improvement