Cohort Reporting in Scribo

Scribo is famous for its Cohort Group Panel Reporting. We call it a Panel because it summarises student texts onto a display panel in a class beautifully.

Save time, reduce workloads, see better information

Cohort – Writing/Panel Reporting can be integrated into classroom collaboration in 2 ways

1. Upload Student Texts

Scribo lets teachers quickly load in texts received from students. This feature is used by many teachers every day.

It's not too hard to envisage an English or Humanities teacher receiving 30 essays from Google and Word, emailed to them on hand-in day. It's a joyous time in a teacher's life, dealing with files in drives, emails ... everywhere.

There are only 2 choices really.

  1. Print them out, spend hours in front of the screen, red pen them, do what you do now

  2. Load them into Scribo – Analyse, Grade and give Feedback in Scribo

From New Activity – Select

Choose 'I Will Upload Texts' and follow the prompts

This is most often used when texts have been completed by students, and teachers have a huge workload in front of them, giving feedback and grading.

2. Select Panel Report from Live Monitoring

The link into Live Monitoring means teachers can prepare lesson plans dynamically from work that students are working on. There are no limitations in workflow.

As texts are being written by students, they can be processed into a Work in Progress Writing/Panel report. This way, the Panel report can be run as many times as you like across the writing activity.

  1. Go to Live Monitoring

  2. Click the 3-dot command centre

  3. There must be at least 2 students with text to compare. Do ensure that there are over say 150 words in each text so the analysis is worth you looking at.

  4. Click Generate / Regenerate Writing Report.

  5. Scribo will tell you when the texts have been fully analysed.

  6. When the report is ready (usually in 2-3 minutes) you will get an onscreen message and an email.

  7. Launch the Writing Report from the Activity in Progress list or the menu in Live Monitoring.

Access Panel Report from Live Monitoring

The Writing Report option establishes the base Panel/Writing Report. The Regenerate Writing report overwrites and recalculates. If your first Writing Report had 5 students, then more started adding texts, you can regenerate the writing report at any time. If the Writing Report is out of date, the Report header will say "Report is out of Date". This means there are more current texts you could be working with. Time to rerun the Writing Report.

3. Launch Panel Report from In Progress

Launch the Panel Report from In Progress