The Scribo Writing / Panel Report

The Scribo Writing Report is unique. Scribo reads every word of every text and prepares a 7-factor analysis of all texts across the cohort. The report is built for Teachers and Students.

Single Intent – Save time with better information

The Writing Panel Report creates insights and lesson plans for teachers, students and class collaboration – in minutes

Simply 1 page of a complete infographic teachers can launch to collaborate with students

Scribo builds a body of knowledge for teachers to share with students

Creating lesson plans and examples from submitted texts is time consuming. It is an extra job to do as you grade and give feedback. Scribo builds lesson plans for you from all the student texts. For example, some 50,000 students words across 35 student responses takes Scribo 3 minutes to prepare a full analysis across the class and for each student. How long does that take you?