Scribo Way
Learner Centricity is at the centre of teaching
At the core of teaching and learning is a teacher - student Connection. Teachers need to connect with where students need help, students need to feel that teachers have their back.
The way we think about helping teachers and students through Scribo is akin to Christensen’s Theory of Jobs to Be Done.
There is a simple, but powerful insight at the core of this theory for education.
Educators don’t buy products or services; they pull them into their lives to make progress. Progress is the “job” they are trying to get done. Following this metaphor, educators use products or services to do these jobs.
When you get your head around this concept, the idea of uncovering the jobs educators do and how products and services get delivered makes intuitive sense. The way technology engages educators and learners begins to make more sense as well.
There's truth in the old adage – "It's not what you do but the way that you do it!"
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