Start by adding a Class

Scribo is a Teacher - Student connected platform. Schools have classes, classes have students, it's all just like what you are used to.

Before we get to a Writing Activity - let's quickly set up a Class of students in Scribo

There are many ways to onboard a school. This video shows you how to quickly get a class of students into Scribo and ready to work on their first writing activity. This could be a practice class for you or one of your classes. Up to you!

Good to know

  1. Are you a Google School? - If you have a School Google account - everyone can Single Sign On

  2. Are you a Microsoft School? If you have Microsoft email account - everyone can Single Sign On

SSO means there are no more passwords to remember.

Setting up your first Class with some student records

There are many ways to onboard students ranging from using Class keys to uploading via Google Classroom to bi school data loads via spreadsheets from Clever or just Excel. The TRICK to note is that each student needs a Username or Email address to join Scribo and IT MUST BE UNIQUE to Scribo. This is why email addresses are so good, they are unique world wide ( if they are real email addresses)

If you want you can create a Student record that only you know. This way you can test a few things out. You can create using any word - as long as it is unique to Scribo or a unique email address - that may not be real.