Start by adding a Class
Scribo is a teacher / student connected platform. Schools have classes, classes have students & teachers.

Before we get to a Writing Activity - let's quickly set up a Class of students in Scribo

There are many ways to onboard a school. This video shows you how to quickly get a class of students into Scribo and ready to work on their first writing activity. This could be a practice class for you or one of your classes. Up to you!

Good to know

  1. 1.
    Are you a Google School? If you use your Google accounts, everyone can Single Sign-on
  2. 2.
    Are you a Microsoft School? If you use your Microsoft organisational/O365 account, everyone can Single Sign-on
SSO means you click the 'Login with Google' or 'Login with Microsoft' buttons. There are no more passwords to remember.

Setting up your first Class with some student records

There are many ways to onboard students ranging from using class keys to uploading via Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, or simply importing via Excel.
While an email address is mandatory for teacher registrations, students can use email or a username. Whichever is used, it MUST BE UNIQUE to Scribo. This is why email addresses are the best choice for students too - they are unique world wide. Using email addresses also means that students can reset their own passwords (of course, this isn't possible for a username).
If you'd like to see what a student experiences, create your own student account.