3 & 4. Live Monitoring and data
As students work, teachers are connected. This alone reduces the time it takes teachers to move around paper and other systems as well as having way more power to communicate.
Live Monitoring opens visibility across the whole class, reducing the continual friction that comes with multiple documents and paper and workflow. This really completes the engage- write - feedback - connection loop that just takes so long in schools when done manually. Google Docs and Word can be used and still the level of connection is maintained.
Everything happens in ONE CLICK inside Live Monitoring. Teachers can quickly see what they need to see without spending hours in grading, feedback and classroom logistics.
Live Monitoring highlights how Scribo can be used across all humanities subjects. Consistency of feedback and guidance is maintained across subjects. Students get consistent writing suggestions and data builds across all writing, not just some.
No longer is literacy the job of the English Department!
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