Monitoring an assessment

When an assessment starts, you can monitor student progress using the Monitor view. The Monitoring feature of Scribo allows you to:
  • monitor your students as they write - check who's not yet started, the number of words written, who's handed in.
  • 'drop in' on a student's text as they are working
  • stop the test by automatically submitting all student texts
  • hand back work that a student has submitted too soon by accident
  • activate automatic grading when the test is complete

Accessing Monitoring from the 'In Progress' view

  • Open a web browser and go to
  • Login with your account.
  • When you login to Scribo with an activity assigned, you will automatically to go the 'In Progress' view.
  • You will see all active assignments listed there. If you have more than 1 class, your classes will be listed i the top row. Choose a class to see the activities assigned.
  • To open monitoring, click the Monitor button
When you login, you will go to the In Progress screen if you have active assessments

The monitoring view

The monitoring view has lots of features that you can use as you evolve your use, such as feedback reporting and writing plans. The key features you need for the purposes of running a Writing Skills Assessment are highlighted in the screen below.
Monitoring View
Feature Reference
Click 'Refresh Data' as required get an updated view of student progress. The word counts and student texts will be updated.
Student details are shown in rows. Sort by any column heading – default is in student name order. Note the status below the student's name, the number of words written and the grade as each student submits their work.
'Auto-submit texts' will automatically close the assessment and submit all student texts. 'Hand back all texts' will re-open the assignment.
Click the 'Open' icon in the Actions column
to view the student's work. See below for a sample of the student text view.
If a student accidentally hands in their text too soon, you can click the
icon to hand it back.

Monitoring – Student Text View

You can view a student's text as of the last refresh.
Student text view - access by clicking 'Open' from the Monitoring table
Note the purple menu on the left. Click:
  • Topic to view the topic details, exactly as the students see it
  • Feedback to optionally add live feedback to the student's text. You may wish to do this when the assessment is complete, though you can also add feedback as students are writing. To add feedback in this view, just click into the student's text or highlight a section of text, and add your feedback to the feedback panel.
  • Writing Check will run a Scribo writing check across the student's text. This is not the same as grading. Note, though teachers can make the Writing Check available to students in the full Scribo suite, it is not available to students in an assessment.
  • Compare will allow you to compare 2 students texts, side by side
  • Report will generate a writing report for the student's work
To offer flexibility in remote learning scenarios, we allow teachers to manage the assessment to suit their student's needs.
Scribo will not close an assessment automatically. When you are happy that students have completed their work, you are able to close the assessment with one click. Individual student texts can always be un-submitted.
In the event that a student is unable to connect to the application for whatever reason, we will accept texts in notepad, MS Word or Google Docs format. Simply email them to [email protected] and we will add them to the cohort.