DO NOT Start the Skills Assessment IF
Students can't login
Each student needs to login to Scribo with a unique login and password. Students should test that their login works before the test.
The web site for login is www.literatu​
The internet is not working;
Scribo needs the Internet to be working.
Teachers can't login
Before the test starts, ensure teachers can log into Scribo. This is so the teacher can manage situations like students that hand in work early by mistake.
Teachers can “hand work back” via a link in the monitoring page. To do this, open 'Monitor' for the assessment, locate the student and click the 'Hand Back' icon
Teachers can also stop the test and automatically hand In all work for students who have not finished by clicking the 'Hand in all' icon at the top of the monitoring page
Equipment and Browser
Ideally students will be using a laptop computer with a keyboard. Chrome is the preferred browser, however Firefox, Safari and Edge are supported.

Technical issues

If your students encounter technical issues accessing Scribo, please try the troubleshooting steps below to resolve some of the more common problems.
  • Ensure cookies are enabled.
  • End your Scribo session, close the browser and re-open, then re-login.
  • Hard refresh the browser.
    • Windows: CTRL + F5
    • Apple Mac: CMD ⌘ + SHIFT + R
  • Clear browser cache, close the browser and re-open.
    • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL
    • Mac/Apple: CMD ⌘ + SHIFT + DEL
  • Load the page in a different web browser.
  • Load the page on a different device.
  • If your network is reaching bandwidth saturation:
    • Stagger student logins to reduce the connection load on your network
    • Reduce the number of students that are taking the assessment simultaneously
If the troubleshooting advice above do not resolve your issue, please contact the Literatu team via support [at]